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The 6 Newest Goodies To Hit Our Tasting Table

Here at Mouth HQ we work tirelessly to hunt down the best indie foods from around the country. We spend endless hours tasting all the jerkys, honeys, nuts, ciders, cookies, bacons, chips and countless other products out there (we know, it’s a tough job). So when we decide to bring in a new product we can say with confidence that it is, hands-down, one of the best things we’ve ever tried. Because we have tried it all.

Below, six of our latest new obsessions:

Martin’s Handmade Pretzels 

Not all pretzels are created equal. Saveur Magazine called Martin’s “perfect, the standard against which all pretzels should be judged.” You will agree. It seems almost hard to believe that flour, yeast, salt and soda could transform into something so perfectly compellingly toasty... Clearly, there must be something in the water in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where Martin’s pretzels have been hand-rolled, hand-twisted and hand-baked by Mennonites since 1935. 

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce 

With ingredients like mustard, Scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, orange and pineapple juice, mango and molasses… This isn’t your average hot sauce, folks. Our CEO Craig has been obsessed with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce since the 90s, so trust us when we say you’re just going to want to get some before he takes it all home. 

Chocolate Squirrel

Alma Chocolate is known for their extraordinary chocolate designs. One nibble of this squirrel’s bushy tail and you’ll want to stash away more for the winter. You’ll certainly want one for your Thanksgiving table – it makes a gorgeous centerpiece. The squirrel, like his maker, hails from Portland, Oregon where both woodland creatures and chocolate have it good. With each chocolate squirrel purchase, you help to support the future of America’s treasured National Parks. Chocolate lovers and nature lovers unite.

Au Pear Cocktail Kit 

Pre-feast cocktails? It's about thyme! Get into the fall spirit with this Au Pear cocktail kit, with everything needed to mix up a vodka and spiced pear liqueur cocktail, complete with aromatic lavender bitters. You bring the pear and the fresh thyme. So cozy.

Foodie Enamel Pins

Founders Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, the creative duo behind These Are Things, started their collection of wearable accessories and paper goods because they believe “The best things in life are Things.” And these things are cute as a button! Upgrade your fall fashion wardrobe with foodie enamel pins like pizza, bacon, hot dogs and donuts. They’re also outstanding stocking stuffers (hey, it’s not too early to be thinking ahead.)   

Garlic Spread & Marinade 

Your heart and taste buds will thank you for bringing this garlicky marinade from Filfil into your life. Brooklyn-based Einav Sharon and Jeff Silva founded Filfil with the very noble goal of “adding yummy to life.” They are doing just that with two versions of filfil chuma, a garlic-based North African sauce perked up with vinegar, Cayenne, paprika and other spices. It works especially great with tofu, the ultimate flavor-sponge, which takes to it like a moth to a flame. 

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