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It's National Cider Day! You'll Crumble For These Hot Cider Cocktails

Hooray! It’s National Cider Day! We’ll take any excuse to drink another glass of hard cider. Especially when we have so many amazing indie cider bottles on hand here at Mouth HQ. Yep, it’s pretty dangerous around this office. (In fact, we just broke open a bottle of cider (not sparkling blanc) to toast our colleague Josie who got engaged this week!)

But we don’t only love drinking cider, we also love geeking out about its history as well as learning the inspiring stories behind the people that create it. We’ve developed quite a crush on Shacksbury, Orchard Hill, Descendant Cider… the list goes on. These folks are truly the apple of our eye.

Ready to celebrate? Stay cozy in this chilly weather and warm up with a hard cider hot toddy or a mulled hard cider. The best part? They’re kind of healthy (because, apples) and not too boozy, which means you can drink a million without fear of embarrassing yourself at your neighbor’s holiday party.

So cheers to cider (and to you, Josie)! How ‘bout them apples?

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