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A Little Lovin’ For Your Bite-Sized Beloved

It’s already February? Be still, our hearts! Yes, Valentine’s Day is right around that cold, windy corner. But not to worry – we’ve got you covered with a heart-thumping option any sweetie will swoon over: My Little Valentine

This gift bag is bursting with darling small-batch goodies like playful Milk Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers, our favorite Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Cookies, fluffy-sweet Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookies, a swoon-worthy Heart-Shaped Chocolate Lollipop that’ll make their heart melt, buttery Raspberry Cave Cookies and a brown butter Chocolate Chip Blondie that definitely has more fun.

Send this bite-sized gift to someone you, um, like-like – a new sweetheart, friend, work bestie, Galentine, roommate or your favorite kid or grandkid.

It’s sure to set many hearts aflutter.


P.S Looking for more Valentine's Day gift ideas? Check out our gift guide for Mouths whose love borders on crazy

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