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Snacks So Good, You’ll Want To Netflix And *Actually* Chill

It's Oscar season! So, naturally, we've got blockbusters on the brain.

Did you get to all the movies you wanted to see this year? We sure didn't, which leads to an all-important question: What to snack on during our upcoming Netflix binge-fest.

The pre-screened goodies in our Movie Night Taster get two thumbs-up: salty Pipcorn makes for a snack you can munch from previews to credits without clogging an artery. And when you want a break from salty, turn to upgrades of candy classics like dreamy (and all-natural) fruit chews, organic gummy bears and a scene-stealing peanutty chocolate bar. Yep, this is the best part of the movie theater, delivered to the best seat in the house – your living room.

And settling in for a night of movie marathoning simply demands these La La lovely nominees for Best Supporting Snacks. No Hidden Figures – all the essentials are accounted for here. From salty indie popcorn to sweets both chocolatey and fruity, you won't find goodies like this at the movie theater concessions stand. But don't worry, these goodies come pre-packed and ready to go so, come Hell Or High Water, they're ready to sneak into a multiplex near you – or to bestow upon your favorite film fan or Oscar party host. 

Hit pause and grab another handful.

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