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10 Game-Changing Thanksgiving Recipes From Our Staff Potluck

Each year at Mouth HQ we host a Thanksgiving potluck, where members of the team cook classic Thanksgiving dishes upgraded with small-batch, indie-gredients. And then we share the recipes with you. 

Welcome to Mouthsgiving 2016! 

The 2016 Mouthsgiving Menu

Kate's Porchetta Fennel Garlic Dry Rub Turkey + Apple Cider Vinegar Gravy
"Everyone seems to have 'the best turkey recipe,' but take it from a girl that has spent years mastering it – all you need is this Porchetta Fennel Garlic Dry Rub."—Kate Harper, Purchasing & Merchandising Director

Josie's Kale Salad With Candied Pecans, Dried Berries And Blue Cheese
"The earthy, crisp raw kale strewn with chewy, sweet dried berries, creamy blue cheese and crunchy, spiced nuts is everything I want in a fall salad."—Josie Adams, Associate Editor

Marianne's Brussels Sprouts With Maple Bacon And Chili Granola
"With the addition of gorgeous chunks of bacon and granola strewn throughout, this is the fanciest – but easiest – looking dish."—Marianne Dabir, Marketing & PR Coordinator

Sophie's Sautéed Green Beans With Grainy Mustard And Almonds
"It’s ridiculously delicious, it’s healthy and it includes Mouth’s beloved Whole Grain Mustard made by Tin Dizdarevic right here in Brooklyn!"—Sophie Kzirian, Customer Happiness Manager

Jenny's Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Savory Rosemary Granola
"The sweet and woodsy herb flavor in the granola really goes with everything else on the table... even my grandparents."—Jenny Acosta, In-House Graphic Designer

Craig's Sausage And Popcorn Cornbread Stuffing
"The popcorn flour keeps it fluffy while amping up the corn flavor... It's corn two ways!"—Craig Kanarick, CEO aka Big Mouth

Nancy's Maple Sugar Cranberry Sauce
"Apple, maple, cinnamon, ginger, cloves – how could it be possibly anything but awesome?"—Nancy Kruger Cohen, CCO

Kiernan's Bourbon Smoked Roasted Cauliflower
"Don’t worry – it doesn’t taste overly boozy, it just adds a nice rich smoke that brings out the roasted cauliflower’s natural sweetness."—Kiernan Macdonald, Account Executive

Ethan's Roasted Carrots And Onions With Shallot Oil
"You know when Diana Prince spins and turns into Wonder Woman? Yeah, this oil does that, but to the carrots."—Ethan Robinson, Operations Manager

Ayesha's Citrus Almond Cake With Candied Orange Peels
"This cake is prepared with stewed, caramelized citrus, which is at its peak this time of the year, and studded with the Candied Seville Orange Peels for extra texture."—Ayesha Ahmad, CMO

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