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We Dreamed Up Our Own Chocolate Bars And… They’re Pretty Amazing

We’re obsessed with all things chocolate here at Mouth. Obsessed! After years hunting down the coolest and tastiest products from indie makers, our favorite mass-produced, grocery store chocolate bars just couldn’t measure up. And yet we still craved our favorite childhood bars.

Our CEO Craig Kanarick got the tasting team together and said (what he usually says in these moments): “Let’s indie-fy!”

So the task Craig and our tasting team brought to our chocolatier friends at Tumbador was simple, and yet easier said than done: Make two of our favorite bars (plus one new idea we had), with better ingredients and using sustainable processes, while capturing the same amazing flavors we can’t get enough of. We worked closely to create three incredibly different yet totally familiar “classic” chocolate bars:

We all need a High Five, right? Craig and his family have long been obsessed with the five salty-sweet layers of the Take5 bar but just couldn’t stomach the high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives. We stacked (you guessed it) five salty-sweet layers of our own, in our most technically difficult bar yet. We gotta say: We nailed the precise fusion of smooth peanut butter with bits of pretzel and peanut for the base, with a thin layer of gooey caramel on top of that, and a quick dunk in silky milk chocolate. Boom.

Grab a Flat White for the 3 pm slump. Everywhere we look, we see what are essentially “mocha” bars – sugary chocolate blended with enough strong coffee to give you a mega sugar-caffeine high for the rest of the afternoon, complete with unavoidable crash. Our version pairs one of our favorite indie coffees – smooth and nutty Donut’s Friend Blend, roasted by Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – with rich white chocolate. (But you can’t really tell from looking at it that it’s white chocolate, because the dark coffee changes the bar’s color.) Each Flat White bar contains 4g of pure roasted coffee bean, which is stronger than a strained cup of coffee, so we get enough caffeine to keep us buzzin’.

Calling all toffee fans – time for a Toffee Break! Yes, Craig has always loved the Heath bar, considering toffee a close second to almonds when he ranks his all-time “classic” chocolate pairings (as one does). But many Halloweens later, what became clear is that the ratio of toffee to chocolate could use a little tinkering. Toffee can actually be difficult to get right – to hit that happy medium between tacky crispness and smooth, melty chew. So with these very detailed notes, we worked to create a bar that really exceeds all of our expectations. It’s now Craig’s personal favorite, combining sticky toffee bits (almond toffee, to be exact!) and smooth, sweet milk chocolate.

Grab all three signature Mouth-Made bars in one tote bag. These sell out super fast, so when you see ’em, act before it’s too choco-late!


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