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Introducing: The Mouth + Kings County Distillery Exclusive Whiskey Set

Exciting announcement alert! We've partnered with our friends at Kings County Distillery to create this one-of-a-kind wooden gift box of three of our favorite whiskeys. 

We visited the distillery, tasted through their entire selection and handpicked from their exclusive single barrels. For this special lineup we chose a super smooth bourbon that's one of the best we've ever had, and a spicy, unique peated bourbon that showcases everything we love about the distillery's unique but respectful take on the classics. For the third bottle, we chose their classic, nostalgic flask of moonshine. You won't find this expertly-curated lineup anywhere else, folks.

A bit about KCD: Once upon a time, New York City was a hub of distilling. Then prohibition happened, and even after booze was once again legal, it took the state a looooong time to re-legalize distilling. The folks at Kings County didn't miss a beat – they were really the first to bring spirits-making back. They settled into the Brooklyn Navy Yard (not far from Mouth HQ) where they turn out awesome spirits bottled in super cool retro flasks. 

This exclusive whiskey set also features an etching of the distillery itself, which was actually the paymaster's office for the Navy Yard when it was up and running! Truly a swig of New York's past.

Makes the perfect gift for someone with great spirit. Ready to whiskey them away?


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