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Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Totally Obsess

Mom’s totally obsessed. Mostly with you, of course. But also with cookies, healthy snacks, chocolate, spicy foods and her favorite happy hour cocktail. So this year, give her something that shows her how well you know her! She’ll be totally surprised and rather pleased to see how much you’ve been paying attention. (Like it would be possible not to, right?)

This Mother’s Day is in the bag, literally:

For Moms Who Get Baked: Cookie MOM-ster

You know Mom's crazy... for cookies! This milk-worthy roundup of goodies (dulce de leche alfajores, lemon sugar cookies, chocolate gingersnaps and more), will have her with both hands in the cookie jar. C is for cookie, and cookie is for Mom!

For Crunchy Moms: Mother Nature

For a mother whose nature cannot be fooled! Your favorite down-to-earth mom, grandmother, aunt, sister or momtastic friend will go crazy for these healthy yet indulgent indie treats, like not-too-sweet dried cranberries and blueberries; popcorn that's been popped by the sun (!); milk chocolate-covered quinoa and currants; and more. 

For Moms You Love A Choco-lot: Single-Origin Chocolate Taster

Raise the bar, kids! This collection of small-batch, indie chocolate bars makes a sweet gift for total chocolate fiends, whether she's a life-long connoisseur or just getting started with the good stuff.

For Moms Who Like It Hot: Sriracha-Cha-Cha!

Light her fire with this gift bag of Sriracha-ed up goodies. Too-hot-to-handle indie hits include Sriracha Cheddar cheesy puffs, Sriracha bacon jerky, peach Sriracha jam and more. Not for the faint of tongue – or heart.

For Moms Who Never Miss Happy Hour: The Mother Pucker

This kit has everything needed to mix up the best margarita Mom’s ever had: a Mouth-watering orange liqueur, smooth tequila and a set of our favorite stemless, portable wine glasses. Just don't forget to call a babysitter – Mom's gonna need one.

Handmade “World’s Best Mom” card not included.

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