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Give Mom A Break… With These 5 R&R-Ready Gifts

Mom deserves a break! And while you might not be able to buy her a plane ticket, you can get her something that will make her feel like she’s on vacay… Because who doesn’t love a good staycation, right? 

These five Mouth-watering Mother's Day gifts are basically like room service, a massage and a girls night out (but better, because you planned it for her): 

What Mom *Really* Wants In Bed: Breakfast In Bed

What is it about an already-brewed hot mug of coffee and the crinkling of handmade cards that makes a Mom so very, very… pleased? Make her even pleased-ier with hits like indie popped tarts, granola, jam, coffee, honey maple cream and more. Tray not included. 

Raise Mom’s Spirits: Mother’s Little Helpers

This trio of mini bottles is totally adorable, but don’t be fooled by the cuteness – these creative craft spirits pack quite a punch. Whiskey her off her feet with a rye whiskey, a sleek flask of chocolate whiskey and a gin-tastic bouquet of Mom’s favorite fresh flowers (in the form of alcohol, of course). 

For Moms On The Move: Mother’s Day Tripper

This time, pack her bag with organic trail mix, protein-packed teriyaki salmon jerky, crunchy split peas roasted in canola oil and sea salt, an a-maize-ing popcorn, a chewy energy bar spiked with coffee and cayenne and the best potato chips she’s ever had. Gas money not included. 

For Moms Who Give: Feed Beach Bag Snacks

This sunshine-worthy bundle has everything needed to make Mom feel like she’s on vacay: margarita caramel corn, the best potato chips ever, light, airy popcorn and more. Did we mention all this awesomeness provides 35 school meals for children around the world? Win-win. 

For Moms Who Stop To Smell The Rosés: Rosé-Colored Glasses

Know what Mom loves? A bottle of rosé. Know what Mom loves more than one bottle? Three rosy bottles and a set of wine glasses she can take wherever she goes. Know what she’ll love most? You, for being the best gift giver, ever. 

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