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Gifts For Moms You Love A Choco-lot

We all know Mom’s crazy… for cacao, that is. So this Mother’s Day, give her what she really wants: lots and lots of delicious, small-batch chocolate. 

And with chocolate – unlike emails or laundry – more is always better. Whether Mom's the kind of chocoholic who keeps bowls of chocolate-covered everything around the house, stashes chocolate bars in her purse for snacking on the go or can’t get enough of peanut butter and chocolate mashups, we’ve got a choco-lot of gifts that will satisfy any craving:

Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness

Everyone adores being drowned in love and chocolate, so it's clear to see why this is one of our most popular gifts.

Single-Origin Chocolate Taster

This makes a sweet gift for chocolate fiends, whether Mom’s a life-long connoisseur or just getting started with the good stuff.


Chocolate + Hazelnut Taster

Makes a standout option for someone who’s nuts for chocolate, or cacao for nuts. Or, you know, eats Nutella with a spoon. Total nut bag.

Chocolate + Peanut Butter Taster

In this sinfully delicious goodie bag, the lucky Mouth will find our favorite PB and chocolate mashups. Makes a great choice for anyone who respects the two best things in life. 

Chocolate + Coffee Taster

A truly eye-opening gift for java junkies and chocoholics who want to take their addiction to a whole new level.

Snacking Chocolate Taster

Whether they’re at the office, stuck in traffic, on a hike or binge-watching Netflix on the couch – the most important thing is to keep their energy up. With crunchy, chocolate-y, compulsively snackable snacks, that is.

Glass of milk not included.

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