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Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Never Miss Happy Hour

Know a Mom whose alarm is always set to 5 o’clock? Who mixes a mean margarita? Who can put back more martinis than Emily Gilmore?

These Mother’s Day gifts were made for her:

For Moms Who Raise The Bar: Mixmaster Mama

This set of game-changing mixers and swanky bar tools will upgrade Mom's favorite cocktails in style. Indie must-have syrups include grapefruit hibiscus, lime and cucumber and the best small-batch tonic ever (really). Cheers to her!  

For Badass Moms: The Mother Pucker

This kit has everything needed to mix up the best margarita Mom’s ever had: a Mouth-watering orange liqueur, smooth tequila and a set of stemless wine glasses. Just don't forget to call a babysitter – Mom's gonna need one.

For Moms Who Raid The Minibar: Mother’s Little Helpers

Don't be fooled by the cuteness – this trio of mini indie bottles (rye-whiskey, chocolate-infused whiskey and juniper-forward gin, oh my!) packs quite a punch.

For Moms Who Give It To You Straight Up: The Mom-tini Kit

Mom's go-to cocktail never looked better. This swanky gift bag has everything needed to make two mega-good martini styles: a super-smooth vodka, an exquisite American gin and extra-dry vermouth. 

For Moms Who Stop To Smell The Rosés: Rosé-Colored Glasses

Know what Mom loves? A bottle of rosé. Know what Mom loves more than one bottle? Three rosy bottles and a set of wine glasses she can take wherever she goes. Know what she'll love most? You, for being the best gift giver, ever. 

Call Mom a babysitter – she’s gonna need one.

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