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Maker Monday: Wondermade

Good things come to those who wait. But that's not always true for last-minute Christmas shoppers (you know who you are).

Wondermade founder Nathan Clark was struggling to find a unique Christmas present for his wife when he heard a podcast about candy making. Instead of turning to his local mall, Nathan decided to try his hand at marshmallows – and we are so lucky he did! Thus, the first homemade batch of Wondermade was born and Nathan gave a present to us all (shout out to NPR for the inspiration!). When family friends began to ask if they could buy these indie marshmallows from the Clark family, Nathan and his wife realized their passion had transformed into a business. Sweetest love story ever.

Nathan describes these sweet treats as “marshmallows - the way they were intended to be experienced,” and comes up with funky flavors like s'moresbourbon, and honey! He and his wife have a storefront in Sanford, Florida, where customers can taste marshmallows, homemade ice cream, s’mores and hot chocolate. Nathan sees this storefront as a gathering spot and anchor in the local community.

“Our goal at Wondermade is to love every person we connect with. Which means we're out to treat people like they're worth a million bucks instead of treating them like they're just worth what they have to offer us. For sure we mess that up along the way but that's our constant aim - to treat people like they're made with wonder and worthy of our love and respect.” 

Wish your job title was “marshmallow chef”? Meet the Wonder Fam: 

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