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Maker Monday: Tattly

We love food so much we want to tattoo it onto our bodies. Mom, calm down… we’re talking about temporary tattoos.

Meet Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly (and our personal hero). Tina is a professional graphic designer – in fact, she used to have her own design company until one day her daughter came home from a birthday party with ugly temporary tattoos. Enough was enough! Two months later, Tattly was born and it was an instant hit.

Tattly tattoos are designed by professional artists (who get a cut of every sale) and are all made with non-toxic, vegetable-based ink. Tattly also does some really awesome custom tattoo partnerships in the creative, fashion, tech industries and more.

We’re obsessed with all of Tattly’s designs, but obviously, our favorites are food. Especially the pizza. And the vegetables. And the ice cream. Okay! Don’t make us choose a favorite.

Watch the video below to hear Tina talk about her inspiration for creating these whimsical, beautifully-designed temporary tattoos:

Wanna get matching tattoos?

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