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Maker Monday: Sqirl

If you’ve been to LA, you’ve probably been to Sqirl. It’s one of the trendiest (and most delicious) eateries in Los Angeles and always part of our regular restaurant rotation whenever we’re on the West Coast. While we patiently wait for one to open here in New York (please, please!), we sit back and dream of that day we ate Brioche toast slathered in their house-made jam.

Then, one glorious day, we brought in Sqirl’s jam here at Mouth (both the Blueberry Rhubarb and the Raspberry Vanilla flavors)! This decision was based purely on selfish motives. But we can’t keep the secret to ourselves – we HAVE to share this truly life-changing berry and sugar concoction. You can thank us later… 

Watch Chef Jessica Koslow make her famous jam and then Sqirl away some for yourself!

Hungry? We’ve got you covered. Pump up the jam.

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