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Maker Monday: Fat Toad Farm

Fat Toad Farm is a small, family owned and operated goat dairy located in Brookfield, Vermont. The farm got its name when husband and wife, Steve Reid and Judith Irving and their two daughters noticed a significant population of well-fed toads hanging out in their gardens, barns and orchard. Toads are very sensitive to their environment – they are known as an indicator species and would be the first to flee unhealthy soil or water. The family took the toads’ presence as a good omen – hence, Fat Toad Farm. 

Still, the goats are the farm’s main focus – Judith describes them as “wonderful friendly animals, very smart, very inquisitive…and full of mischief.” About four dozen goats produce the milk used to make Fat Toad’s Goat Milk Caramel.

Judith is the “caramel master” whose labor of love takes about five hours from start to finish. First, the goats are milked. The fresh milk is poured into pots to simmer for about four hours, then strained, poured into jars and labeled – all by hand. The family even makes versions of their goat milk caramel with delicious flavors, like Cinnamon and Cold Brew Coffee!

Click below to watch a day in the life of a Fat Toad farmer, learn about the caramel-making process and meet the goats we’re so thankful for!

Wanna try some for yourself? Caramel on over!

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