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These 2 Mezcals Are Better Than 15-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch

Destileria Sánchez is all about keeping it local.

They’re based in the small town of Candelaria Yegolé in Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, a village that is totally dedicated to the production of their traditionally made, small-batch mezcal. And all the employees at the distillery live in the town! And the agave they harvest is from the surrounding area. Yep, local. 

In addition to being dedicated to providing jobs, the distillery is also committed to the conservation and care of the wild and cultivated agaves in the region – in 2013, they installed a nursery with more than 8,000 seedlings of an endangered Mexican agave. Then, during the first rains of 2014, the agave plants were replanted and other reforestation strategies were carried out to improve the environmental conditions of the area. 

This is all to say: Not only does their mezcal knock our socks off, but we can feel good about how much we drink of it. (Which is…a lot.)

How could we resist? You can literally taste the terroir in each sip of their exquisite Mexicano Mezcal and Madre Cuishe mezcals. Each bottle is packed with the unique flavors of more than six wild agaves native to the area, some which take 15 to 18 years to mature: the traditional Sprat and other wild varieties such as Cuishe, Mexicano, Arroqueño, Madre-Cuishe and Tepextate. Think of it as the 15-year-old single malt Scotch…of Mexico.

These singular mezcals are meant to be sipped, not shot, but who are we to get in the way of a good time?


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