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We Can’t Handle How Pretty This Mini Gin Gift Set Is

If you're like us, the beautiful labels on the two bottles in this Mini Gin Gift Pack are what first caught your eye. But these aren't just one of those "beauty on the outside" products. The spirits inside the bottles are just as thoughtfully and creatively crafted. 

Koval's Dry Gin is made with a unique blend of woodland spices and has an herbal, earthy quality with notes of juniper and wildflowers. The taste? A complex mix of citrus and floral traces followed by pepperiness. This is a clean, dry, yet vibrant gin that's crisp enough to enjoy straight and, of course, excellent in both classic and contemporary cocktails.

Their Barreled Gin follows the same prized recipe of the Dry Gin, but now we get rose hip, juniper, angelica root and coriander. It’s all smoothed out with a level of depth and oak that comes from the spirit's time spent resting for six months in whiskey barrels. It’ll appeal to gin and whiskey drinkers alike.

Makers Robert and Sonat Birnecker (founders of Koval Distillery) don't cut corners in their pursuit of making the cleanest, small-batch whiskey, liqueurs and spirits in America. When they started Koval in 2008, the Birneckers had their stills made in Germany to suit their precise needs. Soon after opening the distillery, aspiring distillers started calling for advice. It occurred to the duo that they could address a big need in the domestic industry by starting a consulting business. Believers in a rising tide lifting all boats, the Birneckers have helped to establish 90 distilleries across the United States and Canada.

Then there are the seriously stunning labels and elegantly-shaped, stoppered bottles, which are almost as appealing once empty. (Dare you to even throw one out – we’ve been using our empties as vases!)

We’re crushing hard on their Mini Gin Gift Pack – it makes a great gift for gin connoisseurs on the lookout for something outside the realm of the ordinary.

Gin up, folks!