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This Whiskey Trio Is The Closest Thing They’ll Get To A Ménage À Trois

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner what they really want – a ménage à trois… of limited-edition craft whiskey flasks. It makes a totally standout Valentine’s Day gift for someone you, ahem, love a whole shot. 

Inside this sleek wooden gift box are three super cool, retro-mantic flasks of Kings County Distillery hooch: Bourbon, Moonshine and Chocolate Whiskey.

The box also features an etching of the historic Brooklyn-based distillery, which was one of the first in New York to bring back spirits-making to the city after Prohibition. Even after booze was once again legal, it took the state a looooong time to re-legalize distilling. The folks at Kings County didn't miss a beat – in 2010, they settled into the Brooklyn Navy Yard (not far from Mouth HQ) where they continue to turn out awesome spirits we can’t get enough of.

We only have a limited number of these spirited gifts and they’re going fast, so make sure to order yours today! You can select hold at checkout and we’ll ship it to your grandmaster flask to arrive right before V-Day. Boom!

Just call us Cupid.

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