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These Sweet Animals Are (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

Yay spring! We’re so excited we wet our plants. And all the birds and bees came out. To celebrate. Yes, this Indie Menagerie of all our favorite animals is almost (almost) too cute to eat.

In the ark you’ll find: a fluffle* of lusciously rich, purple-dusted chocolate bunnies made by Alma Chocolate; a buzz-worthy hive of nectar-flavored honey bee hard candies made by Raley’s Confectionary; a hoppin’ set of green chocolate frogs (kissing allowed), also made by Alma; milk chocolate-covered animal crackers made by Tumbador Chocolate that are so much better than the ones you grew up with; and a family of organic gummy cubs that came out of hibernation for the season, made by Organic Candy Factory.

Plus, all these cuties come packed in our Mouth Cotton Tote, so this gift is ready to go. Send to your favorite spring fling, or to someone who’s looking for a major Easter basket upgrade.

*The actual name for a group of bunnies. Google it.


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