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Your Candy Bucket Called: It Wants These Chocolate Bars

Let’s be honest: Halloween is about eating all the candy you possibly can in 24 hours. Getting a few 100-piece bags always seems like a good idea at the time (especially if you live in on a street where trick-or-treaters come by the busload), but by ten o’clock, after the kids are gone and you’re curled up watching Rosemary’s Baby, drinking wine and polishing off your 9th mini Krackle, it hits you: What have I done? 

This year, pass out the stale stuff to the kids and be prepared with some really, really good stuff for you and your friends.

Our Indie Candy Bars taster is just what the guy in the Dr. Who costume ordered. In it you’ll find a Chocolate Peanut Butter Nougat Bar (one million times better, and fresher, than a Butterfinger), a Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar that will make you wonder why you wasted your time with Nutella when you could have had this, a Potato Chip Chocolate Bar with so much salty crunch, a Giant Fruit And Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar that literally weighs nine ounces, our Mouth-made Toffee Break Chocolate Bar and a white chocolate Passion Fruit Caramel Bar that looks as beautiful as it tastes in your Mouth.

A word of warning: Once you try these bars of wonder, it’ll be tough to go back to the drugstore. Welcome to indie.

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