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4 Ways To Spoil Your Gal Pals Silly This Feb 13th, AKA Galentine's Day

Happy Galentine’s Day! Yep, it’s a thing.

Here’s four ways to spoil your gal pals silly this February 13th:

Galentine’s Day Goodies

Yes, February 13th, aka Galentine’s Day (created by TV’s “Parks and Recreation”), is the best. day. ever. Shower your gals with this bag full of treats like truffle popcorn, chocolate-covered Cheerios, Dreams Come Chew candies and more. Send it to your old roommate who lives across the country, your niece who’s a #NastyWoman or your BFF who cherishes her indie-pendence. 

Breakup Bites

February can be tough if you’re flying solo. Soothe the pain of your recently de-coupled pal with the best breakup snacks on the planet, from a Dark & Stormy cocktail-inspired popcorn to Peace of Mind Tea to chocolate-covered nuts cleverly packaged in a prescription bottle. Doctor’s orders.

My Little Valentine

Newly-curated Valen-tiny treats for your favorite babes. Perfect for just a little lovin’ to go around, with a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop, a chocolate chip blondie, marshmallowy cookies and more. Send these darling indie sweets to your favorite sister or your daughter who’s away at school and you’ll set their hearts aflutter!

Eat Your Feelings

“Stressed” is “desserts” spelled backward, so send these goodies to someone who could use a good binge session. In it are emoticon candies (so they can literally eat their feelings, one by one), crazy good potato chips, addictive cheesy puffs and more. Makes a great V-Day gift for someone who can’t seem to get off the #RelationshipStruggleBus. Couch not included.

Romance can be fleeting, but friendship lasts forever. Let’s do this, ladies.

Looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas? Eat your heart out with our gift guide for every kissing Mouth.

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