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This Hot Sauce Kit Is God's Gift To The Hot Sauce Obsessed

Some like it hot. You know the type. You cook a meal, and no matter how beautifully seasoned you think it is, they're always running to the pantry for hot sauce

Well, for said hot heads, we've got just the thing: our new Hot, Hot, Hot Sauce taster, packed with five small-batch sauces ranging in heat and flavor. Some are fruity, some are zippy, some are super garlicy, some are straight up classics... and all will make you burn, baby, burn.

What’s in the bag:

Hot Pepper Sauce made by A&B American Style
The makers (A and B) are big fans of heat (as are we!) but their hot pepper sauce is more complex and fruity than most. The pepper-loving team starts with a red fresno chili pepper, which is less painful and more fruity/tangy/tart than the habanero. Carrots also add depth and sweetness, so this is a nice, thick sauce that's not only great for those who like it hot, but for some of the rest of us, too!

Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) made by FilFil
Filfil chuma, a garlic-based North African sauce, was the inspiration for this hot little number that’s a little creamy, a bit tangy and a lot kicky. This was their seventh version (more pourable than No.6) and we’re officially obsessed. Twenty cloves of garlic go into each bottle, but don’t worry about breath that could kill a vampire ­– the vinegar, paprika, cayenne and other spices balance out the bulbs’ pungency.

Rio Fuego Very Hot Sauce made by Rancho Gordo
The Rio Fuego packs heat from Arbol chile powder, a chile that's on the higher end of the heat spectrum. But while some hot sauces are all heat and no substance, Rancho Gordo instead adds in a rush of bright fruitiness from dashes of vinegar and a taming nuttiness from pumpkin seeds. If you think you can't take the heat, just try a taste. The depth of Rio Fuego will make you come back for more.

Original Organic Sriracha made by The Kitchen Garden
The folks behind the 50-acre organic Kitchen Garden farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts, grow all the medium-hot red chiles and garlic that, along with a little sugar and salt, become the mash that’s then fermented, food milled and heated with vinegar. The zingy yet balanced (and in no way tear-inducing) result goes into a squeezable bottle emblazoned with a rooster that looks like it had a run-in with a fire-breathing dragon.

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce made by Todd's Salsa
This unique, heady hot sauce is made with mustard, chardonnay wine, distilled vinegar, Scotch bonnet peppers, papaya juice, pineapple juice, sugar, orange juice, mango, vegetable oil, honey, molasses and spices. Boom. What more could you want? Perfect one eggs, pizza, rice, you name it.

Warning: this fiery taster is not for the faint of heart… or tongue!

Looking for more gifts that bring the heat? Check it out, hot stuff.


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