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We Made It To 2017. Now Let's Give Ourselves 3 Cheers!

Ah, the holidays. Whether we're toasting with our nearest and dearest or just trying to get through one more family dinner, it's key to have a delicious cocktail or something swiggable at the ready.

Enter: this one-stop Holiday Cheers kit.

Yes, when the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing nicer than curling up by the fire – or Netflix – with Ragged Mountain Rum spiced eggnog. The warm spices and notes of vanilla, banana and caramel go particularly well with wool socks and re-watching all the Harry Potter films. Keep a flask of Chocolate Whiskey (which is as good as it sounds) in your sled for last-minute dashes through the snow, and raise a toast of Sauvage Sparkling Blanc de Blancs to welcome 2017. Finally. 

Cheers to a tasty holiday season, and an even tastier 2017! 

P.S. Makes a distinctive gift for party or weekend hosts, stellar office-mates and friends who have great spirit. Just saying. 

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