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This Sorghum Whiskey Is As Sweet As A Valentine’s Day Kiss

This deep amber Sorghum Whiskey is incredibly smooth, with a lingering, heart-flutteringly delicious finish (kind of like the Valentine’s Day kiss we hope to get).  

If you haven't spent much time South of the Mason-Dixon, here's a refresher: Sorghum is a grass – yes, a grass! – that's processed like sugarcane (also a grass!) to produce sorghum syrup, a molasses-like sweetener that can be drizzled on biscuits, used to sweeten pancakes or stirred into cocktails. 

This whiskey is part of High Wire Distilling's New Southern Revival brand, a series of spirits celebrating the diverse agricultural traditions of the South. Made from 100% sorghum grown and hand-harvested on a Mennonite farm in central Tennessee, it's got notes of butterscotch, baked nectarines, vanilla and banana bread. 

Head distiller and self-described “serial entrepreneur” Scott Blackwell knows his grains and his baked goods. Pre-High Wire, he studied baking at The Culinary Institute of America and founded a highly successful natural and organic bakery, Immaculate Baking Company. He and his wife, Ann Marshall, sold the bakery and developed a plan for a creative and culinary-minded distillery – High Wire. It’s Charleston, South Carolina’s first distillery since Prohibition, and we love how they’ve dedicated themselves to making distinctively Southern booze by incorporating grains with a rich, local culinary history.

So for a sip that’s as sweet as a kiss, take this one neat or over a single large ice cube after dinner for a true taste of Southern terroir.

Yes, ma’am.

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