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This Hat Trick Gin Is (Almost) Too Pretty To Open

It should be a sin how much we love this gin. Not to mention how drop-dead gorgeous the bottle is! It’s almost (almost) too pretty to open. 

High Wire Distilling Company, based in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, is dedicated to making super premium, handcrafted spirits. Their approach is simple: source the finest ingredients available and create recipes using a culinary approach. Scott Blackwell, head distiller, is a Culinary Institute of America-trained baker so he knows his grains and how to work with them. Every spirit is distilled in small batches in a hand-hammered German copper still.

This killer gin is made with crushed juniper berries, fresh lemon and orange peel and botanicals like licorice root, coriander and cardamom, this bright and flavorful gin is smooth and balanced – perfect for a straight-up martini, or even more complex gin-based cocktails.   

Like this one, that has us, well… 

Tickled Pink 

1.75 ounces High Wire Distilling Hat Trick Gin
.5 ounces Fruitlab Organic Orange Liqueur
.5 ounces Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violettes
Urban Moonshine Organic Chamomile Bitters
Lemon peel, for garnish


1. Combine gin and both liqueurs in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until very cold.
2. Strain into a chilled glass over a large ice cube.
3. Spray bitters twice over the cocktail and garnish with lemon peel.

We wonder what other tricks this gin can do…

Gin up! Today may be the last day of GIN-uary, but, if you hurry, you can still take 10% off all craft gins! Just use the code GINTASTIC at checkout. 

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