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Politics And Chocolate Have More In Common Than You Think

Turns out, politics and chocolate have more in common than we thought – both are full of nuts, and you never know what you’re gonna get.

The clever folks at Harper Macaw Chocolate, located in none other than our country’s capital, have teamed with the award-winning graphic design firm Design Army to shine a spotlight on the seldom seen creative and collaborative side of politics. Thus was born this “proudly partisan” and “very political” collection of chocolate bars.

There’s something for everyone here, so take a set to the last debate viewing party and come in peace. Start on neutral territory, then test the waters by expressing your opinions on what each chocolate bar is bringing to the table before making the fur fly.

Here’s to hoping that chocolate’s feel-good effects extend to presidential candidates too.


Flip-Flopper - Sweet or salty? Feel free to change your mind mid-bar! Dark(ish) milk chocolate mingles indecisively with toffee and sea salt.

Filibuster - Keep up your patience and stamina with protein-packed peanuts and carb-heavy pretzels in chocolate.

Left Wing - There is a liberal and equal distribution of hazelnuts in every bite of this dark chocolate bar. Naturally.

Red State - Dip your toe into conservative waters—a restrained sprinkling of dried red berries lightens up stoic chocolate.

Tea Party - The tea in this 74% dark chocolate bar might be English, but the taste is honest-to-goodness American patriotism.

Taxation Without Representation - Go ahead and be bitter. This 85% dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs (single estate Vale do Juliana) will show you up. 

Is it just us, or have politics never gone down so smooth? 

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