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12 Ways To Use Pickle Brine (Other Than Drinking It Straight Up)

We were already obsessed with adding anything and everything marked “Gordy’s” to our homemade cocktails – garnishing our margs with Pickled Thai basil Jalapeños, doing brunch justice with their brine infused Bloody Mary Mix, using Hot Chili Spears as drink stirrers (yes).

So when we got our hands on their Fine Pickle Brine (made with water, vinegar, salt, sugar, mustard seed, garlic, caraway, chili peppers, dill and coriander) we found ourselves bowing down to the Bar Cart Gods. It was picklebacks and pickle juice martinis (aka pickletinis) for days. And because this is a safe place, we’ll admit that we found ourselves swigging it straight from the can, our greedy faces aglow with the slightly judgmental, refrigerator light. 

Because the addiction is real, we started using the brine in other ways, too. 

Here are 12 ways to get your Fine Pickle Brine on:

1. Use to brine chicken before frying it. (That’s the secret to Chick-fil-A’s famously juicy, fried chicken sandwich if you didn’t know.) Also works well as a brine for other poultry meat you plan on roasting.
2. Add to barbecue sauce to thin it out and add some delightful tang.
3. Use in place of lemon juice or vinegar to make salad dressing.
4. Mix with mayo and use as a dressing for potato salad.
5. Dash into a purée of tomatoes, onion and cucumbers to make a zippy gazpacho.
6. Try doing a quick pickle: Pour some into a mason jar and add veggies (or boiled eggs!).
7. Think marinade! Acid is great for tenderizing meat.
8. Mix with cream cheese and smear it on a bagel.
9. Add to water when boiling potatoes.
10. Use as a liquid when steaming vegetables to make them instantly more interesting.
11. Add to soups, especially cabbage soup or borscht.
12. Braise or poach with it! A fish fillet poached in pickle brine packs some flavor.

How are you using Gordy’s Fine Pickle Brine? Show us @MouthFoods using the hashtag #MOUTHwatering. We’re always game to try new ideas! #picklebrineforever

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