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Gift Of The Week: Fall For Fall Taster

We’re in full fall swing, people! Which means weekends spent going to cozy house parties and warm holiday gatherings. Translation: you’re going to need host gifts – but don’t worry, we’ve curated something super tasty for those with apple picking on the mind.

If you could take the best parts of fall and capture them in food, you'd have this collection of seasonal eats: chewy molasses spice cookies that taste like they’re straight out of Grandma's kitchen, our new favorite chai tea for those first crisp afternoons, apple caramel preserve that’s almost better than pie, organic cranberry-hazelnut crisps crunchier than the biggest leaf pile and a heart-warming chocolate popped tart that beats any pre-packaged pastry scarfed down on the school bus.

How about sending this seasonal, Fall For Fall taster to the host of said house party, as a thank you gift? Or to your fall obsessed friends – you know, the ones who start putting pumpkins on their doorstep right after Labor Day?

Or treat yourself, if you’re that kinda fall fiend. You know you want to cozy up to these goodies while reading your favorite book and having a cuppa.

Autumn's so good, we're ready to eat it up. 

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