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A Gift Horoscope For Your Favorite Virgo

Virgo: Organized, detail-oriented, creative… Yep, we know *just* what your favorite earth sign wants.

A balanced Martini requires perfect measuring, which will appeal to detail-oriented Virgo, but one sip and they’ll finally be able to relax. (Hint, hint…) Yep, we thought of everything so Virgo didn’t have to, which is just what they want need. 

Our expertly-curated Martini Kit comes packed with everything needed to make two mega-good martini styles: There’s a super-versatile, clean vodka that plays with other cocktail elements very, very well; an exquisite, London dry style American gin; and an extra-dry vermouth that impressively balances more than 15 herbs and spices. 

We’ve also added on an ultra lux Stirred Cocktail Set from W&P Design. In it you’ll find a classic bar spoon, mixing glass, large ice cube tray and julep strainer. Each item is designed so well, the Virgo on the receiving end of the gift will swear it makes their Martini taste better. Plus, the kit is beautiful enough to be displayed on your home bar cart… because everyone has one of those, right? We know Virgo certainly does.   

And if they really want to get creative (they do) add on a jar of pickled cherry tomatoes for garnish!

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