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A Gift Horoscope For Your Favorite Libra

Libras, represented by the image of the scale, are known for being most at peace when there is balance in the world. And what could be more balanced than our Bottle of White, Bottle of Red taster? It’s in perfect harmony: A bottle of red, a bottle of white, whatever kind of mood Libra’s in tonight.

The first bottle is an, ahem, balanced Chardonnay from Salem, Oregon. St. Innocent Winery’s Freedom Hill Chardonnay is fermented entirely in French oak barrels for 11 months, giving it a little West Coast richness, but it’s not a butter bomb; it has a touch of Burgundy-esque minerality. Chardonnay drinkers tend to fall into one of two camps: those who love the big and buttery California style, or those who favor the lighter and more stoney French wines. Thankfully, this bottle is so special it'll please both. Libras, loving fairness and equality, will go head over heels for this bipartisan beauty.

The second bottle really tips the scale: Forlorn Hope Wines’ Suspiro del Moro, or "the Moor's sigh," pays homage to the Alvarelhão grape's origins in the Iberian Peninsula, once the kingdom of the Moors. Fermented in whole clusters with native yeast, this red is super aromatic with notes of luscious red and dark fruit, tropical fruit and spice. It's lightweight, juicy and complex, making it a perfect pour for when you’ve got time to sit and think… which you know Libra does at every given opportunity. 

This gift is so perfect, they won’t be able to say “No.” So Libra.


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