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Gift Collection Highlight: Gifts For Cooks

As we get older, lots of things start to happen that we never, not in a million years, thought would: We stop drinking coffee after five, actually listen to Kind of Blue all the way through and, most shockingly, we start to enjoy giving gifts as much as we enjoy getting them. In fact, sometimes, even more. (Curse you, Adulthood!)

And we’re right there with you – nothing beats putting a smile on another person’s Mouth, which is why we’ve put together awesome options for pretty much every type of person and occasion.

Got an enthusiastic home cook, budding gourmand or condiment crazed person in your life?

We’ve got four curated boxes full of indie ingredients that’ll make their apron drop – because, really, the only gift worth getting is one that tastes good:

E.V.O.O: Exceptional Vinegars & Outstanding Oils Taster
As any good cook knows, the quality of every ingredient matters, especially when it comes to oil and vinegar. This collection of outstanding bottles is just waiting to be drizzled and dipped. Indie specialties such as Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar aged in oak barrels to Shallot Safflower Oil that will totally bring your potato salad to the next level – something in this box is about to become your condiment crazed friends next obsession.

Indie-gredients Every Month
This monthly subscription box features  show-stopping small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, hot sauces, condiments and spices. In each box you’ll find new discoveries like Whole Grain Pancake Mix and Bourbon Maple Syrup (pancakes aren’t just for kids), Red Chile Mole Sauce (so good on shredded chicken tacos) and a life-changing Whole Grain Mustard you’ll want to slather all over sandwiches and roasted meats (our favorite is pork and lamb). The cook in your life will thank you. And, if you’re invited over, you’ll be thanking yourself, too.

Pantry In A Bag
From hand-harvested Herb Salt mixed with Herbs de Provence to Small Batch Soy Sauce (take out just got 100 times better) to a Verjus (the pressed juice of unripened grapes) that will help make life-changing pan sauces, this taster has everything needed for a serious pantry upgrade. We can’t think of a better engagement or wedding gift for a couple setting up their first home together.

Salad Days and Salad Days - Supersize
Lettuce be honest, the best thing about a salad is the dressing. This collection of oils and vinegars will make your cheffy friends’ Mouths water: White Truffle Olive Oil, a fruity organic Blackberry VinegarFig Balsamic Vinegar and, to top it all off (literally), a box of what we prefer to use instead of croutons: Martin's Handmade Pretzels.

Is your friend the kind of cook who like to follow recipes? Then they’ll love a cookbook written by one of our makers and friends – like The Pok Pok Cookbook, which makes tackling those Asian-fusion dishes totally doable. And throw in a beautiful bowl or board to serve all that beautiful food they be cooking up. 

That moment when they open it up and they’re totally surprised at how well you know them and in your head you’re like, Nailed it? Yeah, that’s the best. 

Who said gift giving was totally selfless?

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