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George Motz’s Ultimate Indie S’mores Hack

When we got together with our good friend, hamburger expert George Motz, to watch him cook and curate the Great American Burger Collection, we brought along some extra goodies for him (and our daughters) to have a bit of fun with for dessert. Well, we had no idea George also happened to be an expert s’mores hacker.

A lot of inspired, chaotic experimentation ensued – with many suggestions from said daughters – along with a few sadly unsuccessful combinations (tip: do not, repeat, do not use Bacon Jam on a s’more). 

Many taste tests later (thanks, girls), George landed on a truly pig out-worthy twist. Behold, here are his step-by-step instructions for disrupting the classic campfire treat.

 1. Update The Graham

 “Swap in cookies for the graham! I grew up with these Chocolate Chip Cookies – we knew Kathleen (the maker) when I was growing up in Quogue, back before it was called Tate’s Bake Shop. This IS a chocolate chip cookie. Period.”

 2. Choose An Offbeat Chocolate

Nutty Steph’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar is one of the greatest combinations ever…next to bacon and mayo, of course. Or, go whole hog with Chuao’s Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar. I’ve been eating chocolate-dipped bacon forever, and I think it’s funny that people have only recently discovered it’s a great combo!”

 3. The Puff Piece

“Most artisanal marshmallows never melt the way they should. These Vanilla Bean Marshmallows from Three Tarts react to heat just like jumbo, store-bought marshmallows do, but obviously with much better ingredients.”

4. And Yes, Add Bacon.

“I don’t say this lightly: Tender Belly’s Dry Cured Maple Bacon is one of the greatest bacons I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve eaten a lot of bacon. It’s cut just a hair thicker than traditional ‘thick-cut bacon,’ which makes a huge difference. It holds together so the fat doesn’t completely cook out but creates semi-rendered pork fat flavor pockets.”


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