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Flowers And Bubbles, A Valentine's Day They Won't Forget (Or Will)

Here’s a V-Day they won’t forget: A bottle of bubbly, bouquet of buds, to-go cups... 

Yes, your loved one will be looking at life through rosé-colored glasses with this romantic Flowers + Bubbles gift. It includes an indie bottle of Caraccioli Cellars Sparkling Brut Rosé, and a set of GoVino Stemless Champagne Flutes. Pro tip: The GoVino flutes travel well. *Cough romantic day at the park cough*

And because the best way to express your feelings is with your own two lips, this sparkling Valentine’s Day gift is paired with The Posey, a bouquet of tulips lovingly assembled by BloomThat

BloomThat is known for delivering simple, stunning, expertly arranged bouquets that make anyone’s day awesome. They work with in-season plants and blooms, source locally and domestically whenever possible, and their delivery partners – even bike messengers! – always aim to deliver quickly and efficiently.  

Best (and easiest) V-Day, ever.

P.S. To get the flowers to your sweetie on time, order by 5 pm on Sunday, February 12 for delivery by Tuesday, February 14. The blooms in this gift will ship within two days of placing your order (orders placed over the weekend will ship on Monday of the next week) and take one business day to arrive at the delivery address. Also please note that the flowers will arrive in a separate box from Mouth products.  

Looking for more Valentine's Day gift ideas? Eat your heart out with our gift guide for every kissing Mouth.

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