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This Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar Fixx-es Everything

It's February, which means we've got chocolate (and bacon, always) on the mind. So, naturally, we're crushing hard on this gorgeous Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar from Fixx Chocolates.

The bar layers rich, creamy peanut butter nougat with a maple-infused caramel and chewy little bits of applewood smoked bacon for a salty-sweet craving-crusher. No, we're not kidding. 

Yes, we're really, really glad around here that Fixx Chocolates’ Nikki Coady is now a part of our family. She's built her candy bar business on satisfying the "fixes" of her nearest and dearest, and this bacon-tastic bar is no exception. (Fyi, it's Nicole's personal favorite!) 

As a kid, little Nikki would dig into a stack of buttermilk pancakes spread with peanut butter, drenched in maple syrup and smartly paired with a side of bacon (now that's our kind of breakfast!). Turns out, it's a pretty masterful combination in a candy bar, too.  

This bar makes an especially great V-Day gift for your sweetie who loves their bacon and chocolate and wants to eat it, too. It's a match made in heaven, just like you two.


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