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FEED + MOUTH: Summer Gifts That Give Back

Once again, we partnered with Lauren Bush Lauren (yes, isn’t that the coolest name?) who founded FEED, a social business with a mission to "create good products that help FEED the world." After traveling with the World Food Programme as a student spokesperson in college, Lauren saw firsthand the effects of hunger and malnourishment, and she came up with an idea to help – every product FEED creates has a donation attached to it providing meals or micronutrients to children and families in need. (To date, the brand has provided more than 87 million meals globally!) 

Together, we curated these totes awesome collections of small-batch goodies packed in stylish FEED bags:

The Summer Host We’re all about getting together with family and friends during the summer – preferably at THEIR place! But it gets a little old to bring the same bottle of wine or bunch of sunflowers every year. So this is an absolutely perfect host gift, whether it’s an afternoon BBQ or full-on weekend mooch.

Why perfect? Because it's loaded with some of our all-time favorite products: The life-changing (yes) farmhouse crisps (one taste and you’ll know why). An equally awesome whole grain mustard that they’ll be thanking you for, for years to come. A wonderful tapenade and bottle of blackberry vinegar – not something they’d buy for themselves but that they’ve just got to try. And a DIY cold brew coffee kit so they can easily sip New Orleans-style iced coffee all weekend long. 

It all comes packed in FEED’s Voyager, a stylish cotton tote (with a handy zipper pouch inside) they’ll be using long after the goodies have been devoured.

Plus: Each purchase provides 35 school meals for children around the world.

Picnic In A Bag It’s summer, and all we want to do is find more ways to eat outside. Whether it’s the porch, beach, park or fire escape, we’re out and about, with snacks at the ready. So here, we put together a few favorites for a snacky summer picnic, wherever you’re heading, in FEED’s lightweight burlap bag.

Munch on three of our must-haves: boozy margarita caramel corn, the most addictive sun-popped popcorn and the best potato chips you’ve ever tried (not kidding). We’ve also thrown in a buttery chocolate chip blondie and the energy bar we can’t live without.

Plus: Each purchase provides 25 school meals for children around the world.

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