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Fall Cocktail: The Apple Mule

We are obsessing over this fall-tastic cocktail. Bourbon, ginger, apple, cinnamon – all of the season’s best flavors, in a glass! You’re going to love The Apple Mule, our take on an apple and whiskey mule (and kind-of julep, too!). We swapped out whiskey for smooth, sweet bourbon, which makes it juuuust right. Kind of like the perfect apple pie, but drinkable.

Our favorite bourbon for this cocktail is Town Branch Kentucky Bourbon – we’re totally powerless over its beautiful warm caramel flavor with a kiss of vanilla. It’s named after the underground limestone creek that flows beneath Lexington and supplies the delicious, mineral-rich water used to bring the barrel-strength bourbon down to proof – at 40% alcohol Town Branch has all the warmth and none of the fire.

To add even more warmth and spice (it’s fall, ya’ll!), we can’t get enough of Morris Kitchen Ginger Spice Cocktail Mixer – not only is it made with freshly pressed ginger juice (a whopping 38% juice), the addition of lemon juice, cinnamon and Cayenne balance out the ginger and add extra spice and heat. It’s basically medicine.

And, finally, for a touch of sweetness, what better choice than Carr’s Ciderhouse Apple Cider Syrup? Carr's sweet yet tangy syrup is made just like maple syrup, but they start with 100% apple cider instead of maple sap – it gets boiled down until thick and caramelized. Great in cocktails, on pancakes, on pork or just straight out of the bottle.

Combine these ingredients, mix with seltzer and garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks, and you’ve got yourself one of our favorite fall cocktails, The Apple Mule.

One of these a day is sure to keep the doctor away. 

The Apple Mule

2 ounces Town Branch Kentucky Bourbon
1.5 ounces Morris Kitchen Ginger Spice Cocktail Mixer
.5 ounces Carr’s Ciderhouse Cider Syrup
Chilled seltzer
Apple slices
Cinnamon sticks


1. Combine bourbon, ginger cocktail mixer, cider syrup and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well!
2. Moscow mule mug topped with crushed ice.
3. Add a splash of seltzer.
4. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

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