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This Gin Is So Deep It Probably Majored In Philosophy

If gin decided to go to college and major in philosophy, the result would be this Botanica Barrel Finished Gin by Falcon Spirits. It’s super deep.

When this gin isn’t sitting in the quad and pondering the meaning of life, it’s hanging out with its friends Juniper, Vanilla and Lemon Verbena (yeah, they do their best thinking when they’re smoking some hand-picked herbs). Their personalities get along really well, creating a perfect blend in their friend group. Unlike most college cliques, it’s a mature bunch of students. But they’re still a barrel of fun and they’ve sure got school spirit.

All punning aside, this is one interesting gin. It begins with a brandy base distilled from Northern California wines and matured in French Oak barrels for eight months. That’s blended with gin matured in younger barrels to give it depth. Of course, all the aforementioned botanicals (and marigold, cinnamon and galangal) add significant, but not overwhelming herbaceousness.

The man behind it all, Farid Dormishian, is a professional biochemist who first turned to distilling (and winemaking!) as a hobby, but eventually became so obsessed he had to do it full time. He was first inspired by his grandma (aww!) who handmade liqueurs from her orchard. Farid got the same bug, studying biochemistry and fermentation in college. But he's just getting started and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Meanwhile, we'll just have to pour a little more of this incredible brandy/gin hybrid while doing a little light reading. Plato? Descartes? What’s the saying? “I drink, therefore I am.”

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