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Exclusive Offer: $20 Off These 3 Tasty Gifts For Father’s Day

We know – Father’s Day really snuck up on you this year. But it’s not too late!  

We’re offering Father’s Day Guaranteed Shipping on all gifts. Rest assured that Dad’ll be enjoying his indie goodies on his special day.

But here’s a bonus for you last-minute shoppers: Take $20 off one of 3 select gifts when you order by 1pm EST on Friday!  

Here’s how it works:  

  1. Choose between Dad’s Gotta Eat, The Grill Master or Indie Bourbon Trio.
  2. Use code DADDASH at checkout to get $20 off (includes free gift wrap and a Mouth cotton tote bag).
  3. Choose “Father’s Day Guaranteed Shipping” at checkout, and we’ll make sure it arrives by Father’s Day!

Want more last-minute gifts that get there in time? Shop one of 16 awesome monthly subscriptions or choose any level of our tasty E-Gift Cards, and you’ll receive them by email to forward or print out and deliver to dear ol’ Dad!

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