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This Mother’s Day Gift Is Easy Like Sunday Morning

You’ve done perfume, jewelry, picture frames. This year, go indie! 

This could be Mom: Sunday morning, in her favorite slippers, with everything needed to get her going (or not going) at the ready. All you have to do is make it for her. 

Easy Like Sunday Morning is a marvelous maternal mix with everything needed to start Mom’s day right: whole grain pancake mix made by My Friend Who Loves To Cook; just-sweet-enough Vermont dark maple syrup made by Bobo’s Mountain Sugar; black and blue berry jam made by Bonnie’s Jams; pecan and coconut granola made by Hudson Henry Baking Co.; and a DIY cold brew kit made by Grady’s Cold Brew.

For the mom who likes something with a little more oomph, we also threw in a spicy Bloody Mary mix made by Gordy’s Pickle Jar, and Epic Pickles’ pickled string beans for garnish. Boom.

Homemade “World’s Best Mom” drawing not included. 


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