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These Sweets Give The Easter Bunny A Run (Hop?) For His Money

If you're gonna get the kids out of bed and into dresses and ties for that early-morning hunt for pastel plastic Easter eggs (bunny ears for everyone!), whatever's in those eggs better be worth it.

These Easter Sweets, ahem, rise above the rest and give the Easter Bunny a real run (hop?) for his money: a perfectly baked chocolate chip blondie made by Greyston Bakery; fluffy, pastel-pink, sprinkle-topped cotton candy marshmallows made by Malvi; deep dark chocolate and sea salt chews made by Salty Road they’ll love getting stuck in their teeth; sweet-and-sour citrus hard candies made by Raley’s Confectionary; and pudgy organic gummy cubs that come in a juicy mix of fresh fruit flavors, made by Organic Candy Factory.

No matter how many eggs they wind up with, they’ll be more than happy with this bag o' sugary awesomeness.


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