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This Small-Batch Easter Basket Will Dominate The Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny: The guy's been at it for a while. He could probably use some help coming up with new things to put in all those baskets this year.

We're here to lend a helping paw.

Yes, we're hopping for joy at the very sight of this Easter Basket Case. Come down this rabbit hole with us…

The bag is packed with adorable Organic Gummy Cub chews; crunchy, bite-size squares of Peanut Butter Frittle; a brown sugar Chocolate Chip Blondie that definitely has more fun; slightly effervescent Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candies; a Blueberry Popped Tart hand pie; a box of pastel chick- and flower-shaped Spring Fling Gingerbread Cookies; springy Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookies; a totally decadent Coconut And Salted Caramel Bar; a nostalgic bag of Chocolate-Covered Cheerios and a fluffle* of Chocolate Bunnies that will have everyone bouncing down the bunny trail.

Follow the White Rabbit.

*The actual name for a group of bunnies. Google it. 

Added bonus: This tote is definitely bigger than your typical basket, and it’s reusable aka exactly what you need to dominate the Easter egg hunt. Hare, hare! 

Looking for something a little more bite-sized? Hop on over to Indie Easter Basket.


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