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This Dorm Munchies Care Package Is Way Better Than Cafeteria Food

When they first started the school year, they called you every day (okay, every other day), wrote emails updating you about professors, sent texts about horrible cafeteria food (“They’re trying to poison us!”) and wrote an actual letter about what they’re learning in Psych 101 that somehow proves you are, in fact, the one to blame for everything (don’t worry – it’s a short phase). 

But now, the excitement of starting something new has started to subside, and the backpack they vowed to keep organized this year is already busting at the seams. Suddenly, they don’t have time to phone. They don’t have the energy to keep you up to date, because, well, they’re in full college swing now. You remember. 

We can’t help control any or all of the above, but we can promise you this: cafeteria food still, well, sucks, and they don’t want to eat it. So come to their rescue (like you always do) with this Dorm Munchies care package

These tasty treats are sure to remind them how much they appreciate your care (despite their adamant protests that they’re adults now and don’t need it):

Beer & Caramel Pretzel Nuggets – Caramel-coated pretzel bites are topped with candied mustard seed to create this salty-sweet snack that they’ll be eating by the handful. Think of it as a gourmet bar snack they’ll nibble with their PBR (they’ll learn – give ‘em time).

Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips –  The brilliant pit masters of Lillie's Q in Chicago have turned their attention to potato chips. Makes sense. What rounds out a plate better than a pile of light, crunchy, flavorful chips? Suggest they put some in their grilled cheese and remind them how cool you are. 

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies – The answer to their endless prayers for a tender, chewy, straight-from-Mom's-oven chocolate chip cookie has been answered.

Kettle Corn Pipcorn – This awesome popcorn is light and airy, coated with an addictive blend of light brown sugar and salt. Plus, it's made from mini-kernels that break up into tiny pieces when popped, so they don’t get stuck in your teeth. (Definitely embarrass them and mention how good these would be to bring to the movies...)

Mexican Chocolate Energy Bar – Mexican chocolate, cocoa nibs and maca, not to mention dates, nuts and other superfoods are all mashed up into this chewy-licious hunk of goodness. They’ll love this during a long cram session.

And we know you taught them to share, so they'll also have you to thank for helping them make new friends.

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