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Date Night In: Opposites Attract

What's the single best measure for long-term compatibility? We have no idea.

What we do have, though, is a bunch of leftover brownie middles and a half-baked notion that the answer resides somewhere in that pan.

Just think: If edge-lovers paired up with middle-lovers and middle-lovers paired up with edge-lovers, then there'd be no fighting over the crusty corners of lasagna, the burnished ends of baguettes, the glazed heels of meatloaf, or the chewy edges of these perfect one-bowl brownies (for the recipe visit the product page) that can be gussied up to your hearts’ content. (And that happen to be gluten-free and vegan thanks to Julie Hasson’s wizardry.)

There'd be no waste.

There'd be harmony.

Edgers and insiders (not to mention gluten-excluders and gluten-includers!) living happily ever after.

Don’t know which side of the pan your steady’s on? Bake up a batch of these on your Date Night In, cut into squares and see which they reach for. If their choice differs from yours, you’re golden. If it’s the same, fear not: Squishy brownie middles can be easily optimized by underbaking and careful trimming. Crusty edges in demand? There’s a pan for people like us.   

In the end, opposites or samesies, love conquers all. Although, a gooey drizzle of caramel sauce never hurts.

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