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Your Easter Basket Called: It Wants These Cotton Candy Marshmallows

These pastel-pink, Cotton Candy Marshmallows melt sweetly away on our tongues, with a burst of raspberry bubblegum flavor that will impress any cotton candy fiend (or winner of the Easter egg hunt!). 

One bite takes us back to summer days spent way up high in a Ferris wheel car, pulling sticky spun sugar off a cone, sipping icy soda through a straw. (Or as some of our more “experienced” Mouths would recall, from a glass bottle...)

This is no puff piece: Culinary Institute of America graduate Laura Curtis makes each jumbo marshmallow in Atlanta, Georgia without the help of corn syrup, egg, artificial preservatives or unnatural colorings. Each Malvi ‘mallow (Malvi is short for malvavisco, the Spanish word for marshmallow) is infused with whole ingredients, like freshly dried hibiscus, espresso they brew themselves or whole vanilla beans.

Plus, this spring-y Cotton Candy Marshmallow Party Pack comes with three packs of five. That's 15 Mouth-watering marshmallows, peeps!

Your Easter basket just got a major indie upgrade. Just don’t eat ‘em all before the Tilt-A-Whirl.


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