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Coffee And Cream Ice Cubes: The Summer Hack You've Been Waiting For

Photo courtesy of @gradyscoldbrew

Hot coffee isn't for everyone. You need it cold. You need it in a tall glass with a straw. But most importantly, you need to keep it chill with coffee and cream ice cubes.

Grady's Cold Brew kits make it easy to sip smooth cold brew whenever the need strikes. Which, here at Mouth HQ, is approximately every two hours. So when we came across this recipe for Grady’s Coffee and Cream Ice Cubes, there wasn’t an inch of our office freezer that wasn’t stacked with ice cube trays.

Life hack: Plop these creamy coffee cubes right into your cold brew, or stick ‘em straight in your Mouth. Any way you stir it, this is the summer hack you've been waiting for.


Half & Half
Grady's Cold Brew DIY Cold Brew Kit

  1. Fill ice cube tray half-full with Half & Half. Freeze. 
  2. Fill the rest of the tray with brewed Grady’s Cold Brew. Freeze.

No, we’re not kidding. They’re that easy to make. Now go forth and conquer the heat.

Recipe courtesy of @gradyscoldbrew

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