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3 Indie Ciders To Kick Off Cider Week

Allow us to introduce you to our indie cider shop.

When we first went public with it, we knew we’d be buying and selling our bullish options for a long, long time. Hard cider has been riding a huge wave through bars and bottle shops here in the Big Apple (and many other places around the country), and tomorrow marks the start of Cider Week!

To ring the opening bell, we’re popping three our favorite indie ciders – you’ll want to invest in these winners, so start stockpiling now!

Descendant Pom Pomme Cider – Pom Pomme is crisp, tart and refreshing, with an impressive complexity. The cider is fermented with delicate Champagne yeast, while hibiscus and pomegranate add lovely distinctive aromas and a beautiful tannic notes, without overwhelming the distinct apple flavor. This cider is more like a sparkling savory rosé than anything else we’ve tasted. Fun fact: Descendant Cider is New York City’s first urban craft cidery, located right on the border of the Queens and Brooklyn boroughs. 

Oyster River Hoboken Station Cider – This cider from the winemakers at Oyster River is light, refreshing, and kind of mellow, with plenty of acidity to balance classic apple sweetness. Not only is it delicious, with layers of complexity like wine, it's also made on a small family farm in Warren, Maine. This cider is perfect to sip with rich meals like stews, chilis and slow-roasted meats. 

Shacksbury Cider Dry Vermont Cider Pét Nat – One pull of this cider and we’re transported to fall, turtleneck sweaters and a day of apple picking. The apple (and what feels like a hint of pear) exhibits a softness, making this cider extremely easy to drink. (Maybe too easy.) It’s certainly a crowd-pleaser with its dry, refreshing, complex yet approachable qualities. Open a bottle for guests while you’re preparing dinner, but don’t forget to save a glass (or two) for yourself. This outstanding cider can easily stand alone, but it’s also comfortable schmoozing with appetizers and nibbles.

We’ll be celebrating cider all week long, so stay tuned to see what’s trending on our exchange! We’ve got lots more in-cider info coming your way, like: What is cider, anyway?

Are you celebrating? Show us your favorite indie ciders by tagging us @MouthFoods using the hashtag #MOUTHwatering!



P.S. If you’re in the Big Apple, stop by our Indie Spirits + Wine Gallery on Saturday, October 22nd. We’ll be pouring free tastes of Orchard Hill Cider’s Red and Gold Label ciders – we’d love to see you there!

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