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3 Goodies That Prove Bacon And Chocolate Belong Together

We could wax poetic about how great chocolate and bacon are together, how the salty, fatty bacon perfectly complements cacao’s rich, bitter, fruity smoothness. But that would take time, and we’re not about to stand in the way of you getting your fix.

Below, three bacon and chocolate mashups that are so sinful, you'll want to clear your browser history after reading about 'em:

Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar

This gorgeous chocolate bar layers rich, creamy peanut butter nougat with maple-infused caramel and chewy little bits of applewood smoked bacon for a salty-sweet craving-crusher. No, not kidding. 

We're really, really glad that Fixx's Nicole Coady is part of our family. She's built her candy bar business on satisfying the "fixes" of her nearest and dearest, and this bacon-tastic bar is no exception. (And, FYI, it's her personal favorite!)

As a kid, little Nikki would dig into a stack of buttermilk pancakes spread with peanut butter, drenched in maple syrup and paired with a side of bacon (that's our kind of breakfast!). Turns out, it's a pretty masterful combination in a candy bar, too. 

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups

Behold: A peanut butter cup hog's dream!

As if we weren't already obsessed with the indisputably addictive combos of chocolate and PB, bacon and PB, and chocolate and bacon, Black Pig Meat Co. has upped the ante and smashed all of it together in what they call "Swine Sweets."

Each mini chocolate cup encases a just-right hunk of peanut butter and the crunch of chicharrón (you know, crispy-fried pork skin!). It's all topped with a sprinkling of smoked salt flakes. Yes. That other cup, the one that rhymes with pieces, just can't compete.

Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar

Savory, smoky bacon flavor is evenly dispersed in this creamy milk chocolate, cushioned by sweet maple and rounded off by smoked sea salt.

We salute Michael Antonorsi, the brilliant chocolatier who combined two of the most addictive substances known to man to create a super snack so delicious it borders on lethal. 

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