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Put This Bottle Of Bubbly On The VIP List

When we first popped the cork on this bottle of Caraccioli Cellars Brut Cuvée 2009, we just knew: It was love at first sip. 

While technically not Champagne (it would have to be made in France’s famous region for that to be the case), it really comes close. This gorgeous cuvée (that’s basically French for “tank” or “vat” of wine) features some of our favorite scents (lemon, toasted almond and buttery brioche) and is bone-dry, with a delicate palate of green apple, citrus and vanilla. Uh huh.

Caraccioli Cellars, a family run winery, makes sparkling wines using the traditional Champagne method. They use hand-harvested Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the Santa Lucia Highlands that are fermented first in stainless steel, then aged in neutral French oak, before being racked and bottled for four years sur lies (over the expired yeast cells) to extract more flavor. It’s then riddled (wine speak for removing that sediment) disgorged and then aged for 16 more months!

Translation? Love takes time.  

Our CEO, Craig, is known to always keep a bottle of sparkling wine chilling in his fridge. We’ve adopted this rule because, hey, you never know when someone wants to propose a toast. A bottle of this lively bubbly will turn any night from mundane to magical. It’s meant to be. 

Here’s to you, 2017.


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