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This Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar Is Calling To Us Like A Siren Song

This extra-large Hazelnut & Raisin Dark Chocolate Bar is truly something to behold, just like your valentine. 

We don’t judge a book by its cover, but with a design this gorgeous, how could we not be just a little bit judgy? That package! What’s inside is actually an old fashioned post card (remember real mail?) with a beautiful illustration of a sailor holding a mermaid. Fun fact: Red Hook, Brooklyn, where the Cacao Prieto chocolate factory resides, was the primary port for ships carrying cacao from the West Indes to Europe in the 1800s. Fable has it, sailors on this prized route lived on chocolate and married only mermaids.

Yes, the wrapping is so beautiful, you almost (almost) don't want to open it. But when you do, you'll find the inside to be as exquisite as its outside – a thick, hearty and sizable bar made with premium 72% dark chocolate from Coralina Farms in the Dominican Republic. The hazelnuts are delicious, even more so when paired with chocolate, and the raisins add a fruity chewiness. We can’t resist that siren song.  

We recommend savoring this chocolate at room temperature. Since it’s processed in a special way to preserve delicate aromatic compounds present in cacao, you can really – we swear! – notice the aroma.

This bar is pure romance, inside and out. So send your sailor (or mermaid!) a message in a bottle in the form of – yep – chocolate. They won’t be able to resist that song, either. 

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