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2 Pies You Need To Order Today For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

T.G.I. Pie-day! We’ve searched pie and low… and after countless taste tests (tough job, we know) it’s pie time we proudly present to you our winning, all-star Thanksgiving pie team of 2016. 

Bakers Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth, the founders of Butter & Scotch, have been with Mouth practically from the start. They first got us hooked with their addictive boozy caramel corns, then opened a bakery-slash-bar in Brooklyn (we love our neighborhood!). That’s where they serve slices of these incredible pies, along with spirits-infused baked goods and craft cocktails.

Two pies to be thank-full for:

Caramel Apple

Not the typical apple pie you’ll find at your local market, this one is made with all New York apples, slathered in a spiced caramel sauce and wrapped in an all-butter crust. Drool. The ingredients are wholesome and without preservatives –  just apples, butter and flour with the perfect ratio of fruit to dough (70/30), and just enough salty, buttery crust to accent the fruit’s natural sweetness.

Bourbon Ginger Pecan

This pie won top prize at the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off, which inspired Allison to found her first pie company, First Prize Pies. The rest is history. This is made with organic Texan pecans, local maple syrup and lots of ginger (fresh, ground and candied). A healthy dose of the finest top-shelf Kentucky bourbon makes this pie an extra special treat!

Thanksgiving just got a whole lot easier. Strike while the oven’s hot!

Can’t be with your family on Turkey Day? Send them one to show you care from all the way across the country. Because you don’t want to leave them pie and dry.

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